Open Source refers to a program whose source code is freely available. Designers or developers can modify and use it to their advantage.

Now a day’s open source web design has become very popular as it is very easy to use. Designers and developers can get free source code for website designing and developing. Moreover, you can get free templates too, many designers and developers use it to get the best web designs that they customize for a client. The main advantage of using open source web design is that its concepts and appearance are very attractive.

Here are some open source web design tools for web designers.

Flex: It is most powerful tool of open source web design. Flex allows you to build mobile applications for android, iOS etc.

XAMPP: It is an easy to install Apache Distribution which contains MySQL, PHP. It is very easy to install and also easy to use.

Piwik: It is one of the most important tools of open source web design. Piwik is a web analytics software program. It provides you with detailed reports on your website visitors as it also shows detailed report of search engines, keywords they used , your popular web pages etc. from SEO point of view Piwik is very useful for tracking data and for website analysis.

AWStats: It is free and powerful tool. It will generate advanced web, streaming, mail server statistics. It shows you all possible information in a graphical format.

FileZilla: It is open source software distributed under GNU it is free of charge and client and server both are available. FileZilla is free FTP solution.

Bluefish: It is a very helpful tool for web designers and programmers. Bluefish has many options to write scripts and programming code.

This open source web design tool makes possible to web designer to have all the tools and application needed to complete tasks.